• INGA CHILASHVILI, Head of Public Relations Section & Postg eta
Keywords: Social Media, Social Media Networks, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Terrorist Organisations, Terrorist Groups, Terrorist Recruitment, Propaganda


Terrorist organisations have been using the Internet and social media, for some time now to recruit new members and spread their ideology. However, security and defence organisation also use these tools to monitor and fight terrorism. Even though there are numerous publications on the use of social media in crises, the use of social media in terrorism, a special kind of crisis, especially in the fight against digital terror, has not been so widely researched.

Social media has played a crucial role in terrorist organisations’ overall strategy to promote their cause in many countries, particularly in Syria and Iraq. For a long time, terrorist organisations have been significantly depended on mass media to promote their cause. However, the emergence of social media has drastically changed the way information is transmitted and spread. Thanks to information technology development, now terrorists have direct access to the most popular tools of information dissemination, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram that have become the mediums of promoting terrorists’ propaganda and cause. The existing regulations and restrictions created by social media networks have proven to be unreliable in many cases. However, the fight against terrorism and their propaganda still continues on the Web, which includes developing new algorithms to flag terrorism related content and deleting relevant accounts.